Heart 4 Harlow Forum Meetings

Three times a year Heart 4 Harlow holds a Forum Meeting which is open to all.  At these meetings we have an opportuinity to hear updates from each of the 5 areas of Partnership and Engagement.  There is also opportuinities to ask questions and provide comments and suggestions, as well as to pray.  Some of the Forums will have a special subject with a key speaker, these will be advertised in advance.



The next Heart 4 Harlow forum will be on Monday 15th November at 7:45 St Paul's Church, College Square, CM20 1LP.                                                                                                                                                    The Red Balloon Foundation have appointed a new Children and Youth Worker for Harlow and around.  They will be presenting to us their plans and hopes and asking how you would like them to serve you. We will meet their new worker.                                                                                                                                                                                           Now is your opportunity to help form what happens!   Perhaps in your community or at your church.                                                                            

(To comply with guidance regarding COVID 19 attendees will need to wear Face Masks and remain socially distanced throughout the meeting)


Parking - As parking is limited at St Paul's please could you use either the Water Gardens car park which costs 0.50p after 5.30 pm - or the Harvey Centre car park - evening rate (after 6pm)  £1.00 -  -  thank you.



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