H4H Community Awards - Additional Nominations Received


Additional Nominations for 2021

Below are additional nominations for individuals/organisations who have recieved multiple nominations..  The final decision about the winner and runner up for each session will be made by the Core Groups in December.

Please note that multiple nominations for the same person or orginisation will not automaticaly increase their chances of winning

Barry Beaton     Dance Fusion     Nicola Harding          


Date Added Name/Organisation Nominated By Nomination Text



Date Added Name/Organisation Nominated By Nomination Text
11/5/21 Barry Beaton - Harlow Wombles Paul Groves

In recent months whilst walking around the Town you can notice the vast improvement in how clean and tidy areas of the Town are ! This has been in the main because the fantastic group Harlow Wombles, Barry has been instrumental in getting the group set up and growing its members to over 500, they do a fantastic job litter picking and cleaning our open areas around the town putting some much needed pride back into the area. Well done to Barry and Harlow Wombles


Date Added Name/Organisation Nominated By Nomination Text
11/5/21 Dance Fusion April Fifield Dance Fusion Harlow have worked through the entire pandemic to provide people of all ages with online dance classes for free to make sure everyone was getting weekly exercise and to give everyone a creative outlet while we were stuck indoors
11/5/21 Dance Fusion Joanna Head Kerri and the Dance Fusion team continued to encourage and and provide online classes throughout the pandemic. She didn’t charge her dancers for this as she wanted her students to have something to keep them motivated without the worry of finding the money in a time that was very tough for families. Dance Fusion are truly an inspirational team with the local community at heart!
11/5/21 Dance Fusion Amanda Chadwick Kerri has gone above and beyond, as a dance teacher, a mentor and a friend. Shes helped so many with their confidence and mental health and her warm heart, so so deserves to be recognised. Her encouragement and support during the Covid-19 pandemic for my daughter and all her students, just brought tears to me eyes. One lovely lady.. deserves this so much! We love you Kerri! X


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Nicola Harding


Nicola is a caring individual whom will do all she can to help those in their hour of need, during lockdown she donated free school meals from her work, contacted local schools to.make them aware of the free meals available for students and parents.


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