H4H Community Awards Nominations 2021


Nominations for 2021

What happened at the Awards?

The winners and runners up were announed at the Heart 4 Harlow Community Awards Event on Wednedsay 20th April 2022                    at Harlow Playhouse.  

Below are all  the nominations received and those shortlisted highlighted in red along with the winners and runners up.



Below are the full list of nominees for the Heart 4 Harlow Community Awards.  All of them deserve credit for the positive impact they have made on our town throughout the year.  A shortlist of four nominees for each category was selected and are highlighted below in red.

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Date Added Name/Organisation shortlisted nominations in red Nominated By Nomination Text


Uncle Tom's Motoring Service

Stephanie Rosenberg

Before Covid, this motor service company offered very quick and friendly service and after the pandemic, they became even more focused on customer care and safety. When essential staff needed to continue working, they ensured very fast service to enable the rest of the community to function but with a calm, friendly attitude. I am sure I will not be alone in thanking them in quickly fixing a flat tire wearing full PPE ensuring everyone's safety. Thank you for being open and always so professional.

12/8/21 Emma Knewstub / Magnificent Stuff Emma Knewstub I am reticent to do this but I want to nominate myself for an award as I would like some recognition locally for the work I am doing to help drive a positive perception of Harlow.

I self publish Harlow Stories magazine and have produced 12 issues over the past 4 years to promote the people, organisations and businesses in Harlow and the wider community. The magazine is currently produced in Association with Discover Harlow.

I don't make any money for producing the magazine. We don't carry advertising as my objective was not to clutter the title and to ensure core messages from the community are given space to resonate without being commercially driven. I sit on the Board for The Chamber and also for Discover Harlow and I am a keen and active ambassador for the area.

I have some fantastic connections in the community and my 20+ years successful experience in the Marketing and Advertising industry prove I am good at what I do.14/10/21




Sheppard and Wright

Ian and Wendy Beckett Sheppard & Wright Butchers have served Harlow from their shop in Bush Fair for 26 years, initially as a sole trader, Dave Sheppard was joined by Mike Wright as a partner 16 years ago.
During Covid this popular quality butchers remained open at various time were the only reliable source for eggs and potatoes as well as high quality, affordable meat.
It is time to recognize this important business, their years of service and their commitment to the community.
14/10/21 Aldi Ron Kingsmill I have always found the staff at Aldi polite, efficient and helpful, however through the lockdowns I was particularly impressed by their response.
The store was quick to adapt to ever changing advise, continuing to serve the public in a friendly and helpful way, despite what must have been a very frightening time for them all.
I witnessed a few incidents where customers were unhappy about face masks and felt the situations were handled well, explaining the stores policy and the need to respect the safety of other store users and staff.
I am delighted to nominate the whole store for this award.
14/10/21 Churchgate Stores Jane Carrington Churchgate Stores is an important resource at the centre of the community in Churchgate Street. The small cafe at the back of the shop provides a meeting place as well as tasty food which can be eaten in store or taken away.
When the regular bus service stopped - the shop became more important to the local community - often a lifeline to those with limited mobility and an inability to walk to access a bus or Old Harlow for shopping. The importance of the shop within the community has also been highlighted during the last 20 months during COVID. Often they had food in the store that could not be sourced from the supermarkets. The shelves were well stocked including free range eggs. They provided a delivery service for local people who were vulnerable, ensuring that people who were housebound saw a friendly face as well as receiving essential deliveries.


Date Added Name/Organisation shortlisted nominations in red Nominated By Nomination Text


Barry Beaton of Harlow Wombles                 To see additional nominations for Barry please    click here

Becci Court

Barry Beaton formed the Harlow Wombles earlier on this year and they have gone from strength to strength.

Initially through Facebook, the Wombles started working in partnership with the Council and HTS. The group now has over 550 participants/supporters. Collective litter picks are made in each area of the town and area co-ordinators volunteer to arrange bag collections and store bags for the group. Residents have noticed a huge difference in the cleanliness of the town and the volunteers are often seen wombling in parks and other communal areas. They give praise to each other and share photographs of the areas they have cleared on the Facebook webpage. Barry Beaton started this initiative and monitors the group and Facebook page. He is very encouraging helpful, and certainly deserves a BIG thank you. Coming out of lockdown has been a little easier with people making new contacts in the group and outdoor exercise being promoted by litter picking.  Barry’s efforts in keeping the group moving forward and monitoring how much litter is picked are very much appreciated by all.





Andrew Johnson




Shona Johnson

Andrew became a councillor at the tender age of 21 winning the election by just one vote. He was the only conservative councillor at the time and since then he has built the party within the town and is now the proud leader gain. 23 years later he is still a dedicated councillor people know they can come to him day or night abs he will sort out their problem. He has lead the council twice before, once as a joint administration and then in 2008 until 2012 as a single administration and 11 years later is now proud to lead the council again. This is a man who has dedicated his life to serving the town of Harlow in whatever capacity is required. Andrew deserves a civic award because he has spent more than half his life serving the town of Harlow and I for one am very proud of him  

5/10/21 Refuse Bin Collectors, Delta one team Sarah Murphy These three men are exceptional....they collect our rubbish in rain and shine never moaning. I've observed them recieveing abuse from other road users and residents on numerous occasions in which they never complain. They are always obliginging and jolly, a credit to the service. On a personal note I have a disability and they will help move my bins without any judgement. D, A and D are three Veolia Essex employees that are amazing, they go beyond their job role and have a very important part in our community as they always wave and speak whilst out on their route, embracing the community spirit over a extremely diffcuilt , dangerous time in the pandemic. We personally thank you for being you, good luck in this nomination you deserve some recognition for your good work.


Janet Jackson for Harlow Community Hub

Emma Crouch When Covid hit Janet took over the Harlow Community Hub and made it into the amazing support service that it was. She worked 7 days a week to ensure that Harlow Residents had whatever they needed, whether it was food, medication or even just someone to talk to. Overall Janet's Team made up of Council Officers, Community Organisations and the Community Safety Team dealt with over 5,000 incoming calls and contacted apx 9,500 vulnerable residents.
Janet's tireless commitment to the Hub all whilst doing her own full time role meant that the pressure and worry was taken off of the residents during a really tough time.
14/10/21 Lisa Thornett Jay Seymour Lisa is fundamental when raising money for the Chair of Harlow Council's charities. She works tirelessly to ensure that all events differ for each year. She is always present at each event on a professional basis. in the last two years she has helped to raise £20,000 in charity. I think Lisa deserves acknowledgement. She is highly thought of with her colleagues and councillors who she assists.
2/11/21 HDC Governance Team Cllr Clive Souter This team worked unstintingly throughout the pandemic to maintain council services
30/11/21 PC Emily Cross Matt Hughes Emily works as a Constable for Essex Police on the Harlow Town Centre Policing Team.
Emily works tirelessly to help our homeless community across the town centre and has achieved a number of successful rehousings of vulnerable people.
Emily also helps to run ‘Free Cakes 4 Harlow’ which is a charity organisation that provides birthday and celebratory cakes for less fortunate families across Harlow. Emily makes cakes for the charity alongside a number of other volunteers whilst also maintaining her full time job and looking after a young family.
Emily is so dedicated to her role and works relentlessly to provide the best service possible to the victims that she works with to secure justice in her Policing role.
Emily show so much love and compassion to people in need.
Emily uses endless initiative to secure justice for her victims and puts so many additional unpaid hours into her job to ensure she provides the best service she can.
It is very difficult to put into words how amazing Emily is, how lovely she is, how much of a kind compassionate heart she has and the dedication she shows, but what I do know, the Harlow Town Centre Policing Team and Harlow Town Centre in general would not be the same without her.


Date Added Name/Organisation shortlisted nominations in red Nominated By Nomination Text


Sarah Medlock

Camilla Fitzjohn Sarah has run the Mind in West Essex art group single handedly throughout lockdown. She has phoned up every member to ensure that they are OK. Every Friday Sarah rang a zoom meeting for us and always is professional, helpful and thinking of others. She always has something good to contribute and no matter what is going on in her personal life she thinks of others and is non judgemental and reaches out to all of us. She is kind and is such a pleasure to approach and always listens to you. Sarah has a great sense of humour and is always willing to go that extra mile. Sarah is a beautiful person inside and out. She always listens to ur ideas and implements them where possible.
11/5/21  Dance Fusion                                                         To see additional nominations for Dance Fusion      please click here Emma Meek Dance Fusion have continued to provide an excellent service throughout lockdown and beyond. Providing alternative ways for our community to engage, express and grow through dance whilst providing a constant support network. Dance Fusion have continued to offer opportunities despite the challenges they had to tackle, from online classes to virtual packages. They found a way to offer something, ensuring our community didn't go without!
15/5/21 Paringdon Sports Club Kerri-Ann Trowsdale We owe so much to Paringdon Sports Club! During such a challenging and uncertain year, they welcomed my dance school into their club. Giving us a new home to start the next chapter. They were also incredibly supportive of us when running virtual classes, promoting our business and making sure we had what we needed. Leon has especially looked after all us tenants, showing such selflessness and reliability. Thank you to Troy also, for his ongoing support to keep our businesses thriving. I am forever grateful to Paringdon and their staff, who all now feel like family x


Phoenix Live

Cassie Mason

Since the closure of The Square- Phoenix Live has taken up the mantle of bringing local live music to the town centre for artists at all stages of their career from the well established, to the up and coming and even young artists exploring live performance for the first time. The atmosphere created by the team is always friendly, welcoming and professional. It is also great to know that in supporting live music and local talent, you are also supporting people internationally through their connection to the Phoenix charity group.



St John's Amblance Cadets

Liz Gailer I am nominating the St Johns Cadet Unit staff team in Harlow for their dedication and support they gave to their young cadets during COVid-19 and also for their ongoing commitment, enthusiasm and care they provide through training young people in Harlow in the importance of first aid and well-being awareness.
This voluntary managed organisation has taught not only my family but many others in Harlow so many and potentially lifesaving skills. During the lockdown the team persevered and succeeded in keeping lines of communication open to all their cadets. The team never once missed a weekly welfare call. They also sent out letters and a full range of interactive and important activities for the cadets to complete. For some in the unit this was their only access to education during this time. The team provided a vital lifeline of communication and an opportunity for creative learning during this unprecedent time potentially stopping many young people becoming anxious, isolated and depressed.
Volunteering and working with young people at any time is a huge commitment but during lockdown with everybody facing extra stresses this team never faltered in their wider community support . The truly deserve a Heart for Harlow award , we should celebrate the crucial and important skills they are imparting to our young people and one day ( if not already) their dedication may result in a heart being saved from stop beating in our town too!!!
17/12/21 Vic Goddard Sarah Simpson I would like to nominate Vic for his outstanding support to myself and others in the Passmores and wider community who lost family members to Covid. Despite grieving himself for the loss of a much loved member of staff he was there to listen and support wherever he could. He was available 24/7 for anyone who needed him from staff members to parents to students. His outstanding support helped many of us overcome great sadness and greatly improved our mental health and wellbeing. He is an amazing inspiration to everyone who knows him.  
7/12/21 Phil Gray - Great Open Door Paul Welfare Philip Gray had the vision for the Great Open Door ministry in the early 2,000’s. He actually started it in 2003. Initially he was told by some in church ministry that he would never get the time allocated by schools for a 45 minute assembly. Philip persevered and trusted God. And it paid off! Great Open Door have regularly visited schools, with an assembly, up until March 2020. The first lockdown. Usually it’s been one assembly per week, on a Tuesday. Over the years there have been many enthusiastic volunteer team members.
The effect of these assemblies on the schoolchildren of Harlow is incalculable.
Thousands have received a wholesome Christian message, put over with fun, music, puppets and drama. Children remember them years later, probably for the rest of their lives.
Teachers have also been impacted.
Philip has organised props, puppets, scripts, transport, DBS certificates, training, feedback, prayer and admin.
Great Open Door has a reputable name amongst the Primary schools of Harlow and beyond.
I wish to acknowledge the vision, hard work, commitment and perseverance of this man.
And none of it would have been possible without the unfailing support and encouragement of his wife, Margaret.


Date Added Name/Organisation shortlisted nominations in red Nominated By Nomination Text
15/4/2021 Nicola Harding                                                         To see additional nominations for Nicola please    click here Jay Harding During the pandemic the news has been terrible with regards to school meals so Nicola has taken on the responsibility to contact schools in Harlow to offer a free lunch to children 3 days a week and this is something I think needs recognition. 
22/4/2021 Harlow Stroke Support Rehab Centre to see additional nominations please click here Mark Cadman

Harlow Stroke Support-Rehab Centre (HSS-RC) have been providing non-medical rehab, support, information and advice to stroke survivors & carers since 1996.  They provide many amazing services to the local stroke community and their families.

11/5/21 Shirley Freeman & Jan Mckellow Katiuscia Pulford Shirley & Jan our shop managers at St Elizabeth’s Bush Fair charity shop are a fantastic example of being part of the community. Their work supporting customers every day is an example of compassion and understanding, they know most of their customers by name and support the local community and always have time to chat and build new relationships. They work so very hard for our charity and no task is too big. They understand the local shopping area and support the local council to keep this shopping area safe for shoppers of all ages but especially the elderly. During the first lockdown we witnessed how many local customers missed Shirley & Jan and couldn’t wait for the shop to open again.   These two ladies and their shop volunteers are really the “heart of Harlow” in the Bush Fair community.
20/5/21 Rainbow Services Rev Jokey Poyntz

To Jemma and all at Rainbow for amazing dedication, hard work and coordination and mobilisation of volunteers throughout the lockdown and the pandemic and also to everyone at the Hub which has been a wonderful support to people. As a minister and someone working with vulnerable people it has been so helpful to have one place to refer everyone to. Plus it has enhanced cooperation between all the agencies and people involved.

29/5/21 Trevor Thomas Kerrie Eastman Trevor has volunteered daily at the homeless day centre throughout the restrictions to ensure those who are homeless can access a hot meal and essential services. He has been reliable, turning up 5 days a week to volunteer and has been dedicated to ensuring those in need are provided for.


Princess Alexandra Hospital - Transfer Care Team

Jane Sanders The Princess Alexandra Hospital Transfer of Care Team works with patients and their families, wards and Social Care agencies to facilitate the safe discharge of patients from hospital. It is a busy Team and we aim to safely discharge all patients who are medically ready, so that we can free up beds for those who need them.
During the last 12 months, the Team has worked under extreme pressure to make sure that they continued to support patients and their families during the most challenging year the NHS has seen. During the National lockdown, the Team carried on working despite having families of their own, supporting patients, including those who had had Covid-19, to safely return home to their families, often with specialised care packages put in place, and supporting homeless patients to ensure Covid-19 safety in the Community.
Working 7 days a week, the Team did not let the pressure of a global pandemic stop them delivering First Class care to patients and providing support to their colleagues within the hospital and community. They truly deserve recognition for their dedication.


Martyn Barter 

Caroline Ashton

Martyn volunteers for the Alzheimer’s Society and leads some of their Singing for the Brain music groups. Through personal experience recognised the benefits of engaging and communicating with people with dementia through music. Martyn has an extensive back ground in the music industry but now spends his time in many ways delivering the story of music to many groups within Essex.
Witnessing Martyn in action at the “singing for the brain” sessions in Harlow I was overwhelmed by his compassion, understanding and empathy with people affected by dementia. I have also witnessed the care he displays to the volunteers who support him.
Martyn was instrumental in setting up the singing for the brain sessions at the Princess Alexandra Hospital in Harlow. In his own time, Martyn came to PAH for 8 weeks and start up a singing group. This guided us to continue the sessions with the support of PAH staff and volunteers. Martyn returned to PAH to deliver a further 6 sessions which has strengthened our knowledge in delivering the groups at PAH.
During the covid pandemic, Martyn’s enthusiasm and passion for the work he does has not faltered, He has gone on to with the support of other volunteers to deliver the Singing for the Brain sessions virtually which have provided a lifeline for many people affected by dementia.
He has a charisma that encourages and embraces others to see the positive impact of how our approach to caring can make such a difference. He is inspiring, warm, compassionate and committed to making a difference in the lives of people affected by dementia.




Princess Alexandra Hospital - Patients at Home Service



Sarah Murphy

I nominate this amazing team of extraordinary medical professionals who I first met in December 2020 after I became suddenly unwell and needed lifesaving surgery. My journey to recovery is slow and life changing, but without these people I would have been hospitalised for many more weeks, instead they enabled me home with 24hour wrap around care. I was reunited with my family for Christmas after not seeing them for several weeks since arriving in A&E alone, due to hospital Covid restrictions. My experience was traumatic and I was left in excruciating pain. The staff delivered care at the peak of the Covid Pandemic three times a day in my home, bringing and administering medication, changing my dressings/drains, completing bloods and observations, daily liaising with my surgeon/ SAU/ Ambu staff or supporting me when attending appointments at the hospital. They offered care, empathy advice, expertise, support, they listened and NEVER judged. I have the up most respect and gratitude for the whole team, the doctors, pharmacists and nurses you ALL are winners in my eyes....Thank you for helping me on the road to recovery you all will never be forgotten. You certainly are a talented team of people who use the magic of medicine and humour to get people well. I felt reassured as your hygiene was impeccable entering my home as I was very scared of catching Covid, you involved me in all my treatment decisions which I respected as despite being so poorly and emotionally low you empowered me from the start. Thank You from the bottom of my heart!!  






Nila Hibbert / HEMU (Harlow Ethnic Minority Umbrella) To see additional nominations for HEMU please click here Sian Hector Brilliant at helping people become better versions of themselves.


Carers First Team

Veronica Sadowsky

I would like to nominate Maria, Anne, Lucia, Jayne and Alison who make up the amazing Carers First Team in West Essex including a service at Princess Alexandra Hospital. From April 2020, they have supported over 100 newly identified unpaid carers and been in contact with over 200 others who were already registered with us within Harlow. The team have had thousands of contacts ranging from individual conversations about the carer's situation to develop a support plan, to invites to online support groups and events such as concerts. They have sent out gifts and cards for Christmas and Easter. Staff have stayed in touch with colleagues in Harlow in Social Care, Health and the Third Sector to ensure carers are able to find the right support for themselves and the person they look after by regular networking with Age Well Harlow, Discover Harlow, Harlow Dementia Action Alliance and Rainbow Services to name just a few. In the hospital, we've helped families stay in touch with patients through the Letter to a Loved One scheme and virtual visits.
I am very proud to work with such committed colleagues.
23/9/21 Estates & Facilities Princess Alexandra Hospital
Ann Nutt March 2020 drove significant change in how the E&F team worked.
While the country locked down, this team were on the frontline risking exposure to COVID to protect patients.
Alongside medical colleagues they worked tirelessly to provide patients and staff with nutritious meals, upholding the highest standards of hospital cleanliness, to prevent the virus spreading and implemented new rigorous infection control standards; working in highly restrictive PPE.
Tradespersons installed numerous wash stations, porters dealt with a massive increase of patients arriving by car, ambulance and on foot. Security maintained order, reassured patients and concerned families.
As the pandemic escalated the team started to test COVID positive, reducing staff availability, those remaining worked extraordinarily long hours. Aware they were risking taking the virus home to their families, they continued to be committed to their colleagues and hospital.
The domestic staff who at times became the only visitors’ in-patients saw, shared a few minutes to talk to patients offering kindness and reassurance.
Highly supportive and respectful of their colleagues, the E&F team recognise this has been extremely challenging time for everyone. The team encouraged a 'Patient First' approach, a culture of acknowledgement and respect for each other to maximising their potential, working as one team.
This pandemic brought out the best in the team and many lessons were learnt to improve services and safety for staff, visitors and patients. When the second wave hit in January 2021, they again put themselves on the frontline, but this time better prepared.

5/10/21 Rainbow services volunteers Laura Parr Rainbow Services volunteers selflessly put themselves, and their families at risk of Covid through the pandemic. During tightest of lockdowns, and when restrictions lifted, they went out to provide vulnerable people with emergency food parcels, prescription deliveries and regular shopping. They made sure that people most in need got the support that they needed. 100s upon 100s of people were able to eat and take their medication thanks to these wonderful people taking on the role of caring for their community. Around 60 volunteers made up this army of unsung heroes supporting the people of Harlow, and some are still doing it!


Herty Twumwaa - Community Embrace        to see additional nominations for Communty Embace please click here

Nikki Field Please accept my personal nomination for Herty as a true community champion worthy of recognition.
Herty founded Community Embrace UK (non-profit) initially based at the Rainbow Centre, soon outgrown and now based at The Playbarn, Great Parndon Community Centre.
Established as a grass-roots service provider, to support those in need through a range of services including free surplus food distribution, meet-up forums and community engagement and activities that support people’s mental health, reduce loneliness and encourage social inclusion. Herty improves the health and well-being of Harlow residents every single day.
She has created and forged partnerships with several local agencies, both within and outside Harlow, to ensure services are inclusive to all and to maximise resources to filter down to families in need.
She provides a range of services and activities to directly benefit people in the Harlow community by tackling food poverty, reducing loneliness, encouraging social inclusion, and supporting people’s mental health and this is all run by volunteers and available to anyone within the community who needs help.
Herty inspires me and I feel very proud of what she has achieved. She is a beautiful, kind soul who spends her life giving to other, making a difference to their lives by reaching out to those in need, lifting their spirits and filling their cupboards and fridges with food, when they need it the most.
All it takes is one person to ‘be bothered’ to start to make a change and improve lives. Herty is that one person and I believe this deserves to be recognised.

Date Added Name/Organisation shortlisted nominations in red Nominated By Nomination Text


Jane Carrington

Ron Kingsmill I would like to nominate Jane for her wonderful work in gathering people from across Harlow to pray for our town.

Jane started regular monthly prayer gatherings in 2008 and has since encouraged, inspired and provoked hundreds of people from all sorts of church backgrounds to pray for our town.

Jane herself has been faithful in prayer throughout this time, and I am sure long before.

I genuinely believe Harlow is a better place because of the prayers and relationships which Jane has helped inspire.

Thank you Jane.
Chaplaincy Team PAH
Diane Deane-Bowers
Throughout 2020/1 the chaplaincy team have taken extraordinary steps to fulfil their Spiritual Care accountability to all at PAHT.
They adapted to the special needs of patients and families in many ways during the extremely pressurised peaks of Covid infections. This was done without the usual support of the volunteer chaplains while continuing to work bringing spiritual support. Additionally a Covid memorial service was instigated, conducted and transmitted with input by staff, management and faith representatives.
The chaplains adapted their activity to work extensively with the Specialist Palliative Care Team to provide care to patients and families at the end of life. They also worked with Patient Experience presenting "Message to a loved one" and virtual visits via the internet.
The chaplaincy team encouraged others to find new and improved ways of working by demonstrating their adaptability and availability in the wards and elsewhere, the chaplains encouraged others to do the same in their work areas.
The chaplains instigated over 100 telephone calls to bereaved families to offer support and learn If improvements could be made to their service and the care provided. While at the height of covid they gave support to many grieving families on a daily basis.
During 2020/1 they completed a new Sanctuary area in the hospital that now provides a modern inclusive environment, with dedicated facilities for Muslim prayers and washing; for all those who may need spiritual support. Additionally the windows have been decorated with beautiful restful coloured laminate. The chaplains now have their office adjacent to the sanctuary, with a quiet room for private listening making them easily accessible.
2/11/21 Nathan Joss-Pothen Katie Wilson Nathan truly is a blessing from God.
We planned and went ahead with our wedding on September the 4th for 3 months leading up to it we were going through a lot. My husband ended up in hospital for over a month and had to have major surgery also my mum was currently in st clares hospice where she sadly lost her fight to cancer 5 days before our wedding.
Nathan was amazing throughout all of it, helping us plan, encouraging us, supporting us. He truly was a god send. He even organised a wedding blessing in st clares for us so mum would see some sort of wedding. Nothing was ever too much for him. We are extremely grateful we had Nathan. So this is our thank you to him.
2/11/21 Church of St Paul's and  St Mary's Caroline Hatton I would like to nominate the Church of St Paul’s and St Mary's for a Heart 4 Harlow Community Award for the great community/outreach work and connections that significantly benefit the local community.
Working in partnership with MRCT enables Harlow Foodbank and Maybury Open Door Drop-in centre to serve the community and provide much needed support.
In the winter months both churches working with HDC and Streets 2 Homes provides shelter for those without homes. Before the pandemic the shelters, hosted by St Paul’s/St mary's and other Harlow Churches, were a vital and well used winter provision.
St Paul’s has provided a soup kitchen, Helping Hands, for the last 8+ years and remains a much used provision today. Originally for those without homes the provision now benefits the vulnerably housed and isolated.
These are just a few of the community benefits that are hosted or provided by St Paul’s and St Mary's church others include toddler groups, big lunches, breakfast mornings and lunch clubs.
I feel that the local community benefit greatly from the works and partnerships of St Paul’s and St Mary's Church.
Church and Community working in partnership together.


Jokey Poyntz and Harlow Holiday Lunch Clubs

Janet Broomhead Harlow Holiday lunch Clubs is a much needed and used provision for Harlow families during the school holidays.
During the holidays lower income families can come along and enjoy a home cooked meal and take part in activities inside and outside, weather permitting. Jokey Poyntz has been instrumental in setting up this needed provision in Harlow. Jokey has ensured lunch and fun is provided for every weekday during the holidays organising food, activities, churches and volunteers as well as all the bookings - a big thank you Jokey and to your team !