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Community Links

If you are a member of a church in Harlow and would like to play a role in connecting with your local community then you may like to consider becoming a Community Link for Heart 4 Harlow. See below a letter from Robert Findlay that tells you something more about the role.

Who do you admire in your local community outside the church? What are the blessings and challenges of your local area?

I tell the leaders of Harlow that the churches are at the heart of the local communities, giving thanks and celebrating the blessings of life. We also seek to prayerfully and practically share the concerns of the wider community in our prayers of intercession and practical service. Wherever we look we find men and women of good will. We thank God for them and pray for them and rejoice in working together. The purpose of Heart 4 Harlow Community Links is to help build a cooperative spirit in the local communities. We do this by building personal relationships and showing our appreciation and interest in what they are doing for the community and assure them of our prayers.

We are looking for up to five Heart 4 Harlow Community Links in each church who can inform the wider church through H4H of prayer points of thanksgiving and concern in the local area around the church. Some churches may only have one or two Community Links but please state which portfolio they are choosing. It is hoped this will help develop the community events like the street parties, fun days, festivals, dinners and afternoon teas that churches have held during the Heart 4 Harlow festival and on other occasions too. The five areas we are seeking to develop relationships with the wider community are:-

  1. Commerce. Contacting local shops and businesses.
  2. Civic. Building a relationship with the local councillors to both encourage them and where necessary challenge them. Also our MP Robert Halfon.
  3. Art, Culture, Education. Particularly building good relationships with the local schools
  4. Charities and local community projects
  5. Churches. The Church of Harlow consists of many congregations. Our unity is evident in our interest in one another and our cooperation with one another.

If you would like to sign up to a mailing list associated with you area of interest then go to our mailing list page and choose a list from the Community Links section to subscribe to.

Please could churches respond either to me directly or to my secretary Caroline admin@heart4harlow.org.uk

As you appreciate the wider community you may wish to nominate someone for a Heart of Harlow Business or Community Award where they will receive a crystal trophy at the Heart 4 Harlow awards dinner in October.

Nominations for the Heart 4 Harlow crystal trophies for both the business awards and the community awards should be sent to admin@heart4harlow.org.uk


                                                Robert Findlay (Heart 4 Harlow Town Chaplain)