Church Edit
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Compassionate Neighbours
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Part of St Claire's Hospice, Compassionate Neighbours links volunteers to those with a life limiting illness or frailty to provide some extra support

Foodbank Podcast
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An opportunity to listen to the latest podcast about Harlow Foodbank

Freshwaters Contact Centre
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A safe friendly environment where children and parents separated because of divorce can meet and develop their relationship

Great Open Door
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Great Open Door is a group of people drawn from local churches who want to serve the schools in Harlow and the surrounding area by providing Christian assemblies and teaching Religious Education.

Harlow Frontline
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The place to go for support services in Harlow.

Harlow Showcase
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The official website for Harlow Showcase which is on 27th June 2019

Harlow Street Pastors
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A caring Christian presence on the streets of Harlow

Harlowsave Credit Union
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Harlowsave Credit Union is working with ABCUL (Association of British Credit Union Limited) to promote Work Not Worry a scheme aimed at helping employees to save regularly and manage their money better. Worrying about money affects the health and performance of millions of workers. Employers can help by working in partnership with credit unions.

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Heart4Harlow working with Churches, Streets2Homes, The Chocolate Run, and Harlow Foodbank to provide shelter to the homeless in Harlow this winter.

Michael Robert Charitable Trust - MRCT
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MRCT is a Christian-based charity whose aims and objectives are to develop voluntary work and social opportunities for people who are often perceived as being disadvantaged, either through a disability or social difficulty.

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Partners in Hope4Harlow and helping the Homeless in Harlow throughout the year.

The Chocolate Run
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Partners in Heart4Harlow and helping the homeless in Harlow throughout the year.